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Information about things lost and found in taxi cabs of Chicago
303 Taxi LLC
5200 North Otto Avenue,
Tel: (773) 992-0317
3 J's Cab Co
8634 South Ada Street,
Tel: (773) 723-0836
A & a Cab Co
2720 West Bryn Mawr Avenue,
Tel: (773) 271-9521
A & K Cab Co
6300 North Sheridan Road,
Tel: (773) 274-7932
A-Cyls Livery Cab
447 East 111th Street,
Tel: (773) 568-5000
Already Livery - 24HR Taxi-Livery Service
447 East 111th Street,
Tel: (773) 291-0459
Taxi Affiliation Services
2230 South Wabash Avenue,
Tel: (312) 881-3330
Bone Cab Co
1044 South Claremont Avenue,
Tel: (312) 563-0667
Blue Diamond Taxi Association
3322 South Wabash Avenue,
Tel: (312) 226-8880
Bell Livery Cab Services
2950 East 87th Street,
Tel: (773) 221-0500
Blue Taxi
1860 Stockton Drive,
Hoffman Estates,
Tel: (847) 882-5920
Taxi Consulting Corporation
2601 West Peterson Avenue
Tel: (773) 784-2000
Chicago City Taxi Cab Services Inc
6217 North Winthrop Avenue,
Tel: (773) 262-1103
Curtis Cab Co
8000 S King Dr,
Tel: (773) 846-9777
D R Miller Cab Co
8059 South Vincennes Avenue,
Tel: (773) 874-4722
Ed's Livery & Taxi Services
9443 South State Street,
Tel: (773) 928-8222
Edgewater Beach Auto
1122 West Foster Avenue,
Tel: (773) 784-1122
Express Cab
3201 South 61st Court,
Tel: (708) 863-2400
G J Cab Co
1917 West Ferdinand Street,
Tel: (312) 243-2255
Globe Taxi
4118 West Lawrence Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60630-2848
Tel: (773) 725-6200
Golden Road Runner Taxi Inc
1343 North Cleveland Avenue,
Tel: (312) 274-9649
Golden Touch Transportation
150 West Maple Street,
Tel: (312) 280-7745
Jiffy Cab Co
8000 S King Dr,
Tel: (773) 487-9000
Jeffrey Johnson Cab Inc
221 North Laflin Street,
Tel: (312) 421-6320
Jet Livery Services Inc
7312 South Cottage Grove Avenue
Tel: (773) 224-5300
Khan Chicago Inc
120 East 18th Street
Tel: (312) 719-4724
Koam Taxi Association
6330 North Clark Street,
Tel: (773) 973-3535
Letha Taxi Corporation
2636 North Lincoln Avenue
Tel: (773) 348-0263
A C Livery Inc
5807 West Division Street,
Tel: (773) 287-2512
Lovy Corporation
109 South Racine Avenue,
Tel: (773) 334-0047
Metro Jet Cab Association Inc
4554 North Broadway,
Tel: (773) 784-5669
A Morton Cab Co
5333 West Cermak Road, Cicero, IL
Tel: (708) 484-2100
AAA O'Hare Suburban Taxi
9565 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131-2730
Tel: (847) 233-0000
Peace Taxi Association
1440 North Kingsbury Street,
Tel: (312) 274-1346
Punjab Auto Works
1917 West Ferdinand Street,
Tel: (312) 243-2255
R F Cab Co
2202 North Rockwell Street,
Tel: (773) 278-3817
Rhoddes Taxi Co
4648 North Paulina Street,
Tel: (773) 769-2911
Royal Three CCC Cab Co‎
2617 South Wabash Avenue,
Tel: (312) 791-1272
Singh Taxi Co
1917 West Ferdinand Street,
Tel: (312) 243-2255
Sun Taxi Associates
4626 West Cornelia Avenue,
Tel: (773) 736-3883
Tamanna Cab Co
5101 North Sheridan Road,
Tel: (773) 878-5400
Taxi Car - Metro Taxi Group
3464 North Knox Avenue,
Chicago, Cook, IL 60641
Tel: (773) 427-0500
Three O Three Cab Co
5200 North Otto Avenue,
Tel: (773) 992-0303
AAA Universal Taxi
1740 West Armitage Court, Addison, IL
Tel: (630)617-5400
Wells Transportation
1921 South Spaulding Avenue,
Tel: (773) 521-7444
Yellow Cab Services
540 West Grenshaw Street, Chicago, IL
Tel: (312) 386-1524

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Called a chicago taxi cab to the airport, but the driver has lost in the endless traffic jams? Running late for a business meeting, a date with a girl or in a hurry to work, but, unfortunately, no chicago cab stops? There are many urgent situations which may require the use of chicago taxi service, however, we do not always keep taxi service numbers in mobile phones and smartphones. When it seems there remains no option, use the online directory which contains a collection of phone numbers of taxi in chicago. What makes this online resource useful: Contains only necessary information, there is nothing superfluous, so it can be used easily and conveniently. Adapted for smart phones, computers, mobile phones with Internet access, and other gadgets. Thanks to the minimalist design and the lack of extra features, pages are loaded easily. Just type the website address, and you'll have a impressive list of phone numbers: just click on any of them and you will immediately contact with the operator of the selected taxi service. With such a service, you don't need to browse the Internet or to call friends and relatives to get a desired phone number - all information is in one place and accessible to everyone. You can simply call a taxi in a couple of clicks. The functionality of service is not limited to the search for contact numbers. If you left your stuff in a taxi or found items left by someone else, post a message about it here. It is likely that the owner will read your message. This is a completely free feature available to each user of the site. You can leave a phone number or e-mail address to speed up the return of lost things. If you do not want to overload your mobile phone or smart phone with contact details, simply save the address of the site to your bookmarks and use it when needed to easily call a taxi and quickly reach any point of the city.
Friendly Reminder

Just as a friendly reminder, your drivers are required to take credit card! Please inform them of this rule. Tonight my driver asked me if I can pay in cash instead of card, which I said no thank you. He agreed, after I pointed out to him that the Chicago ordinance in his car taxi placard stated I had the option to pay in credit card!
If I find this again in own of your cabs, I'll make sure that I report this to 311 and pursue it!
Thanks & have a great weekend!
Rachel Ickes

Review Driver in #660 This guy is a complete loose cannon. I hailed him. He stopped and I went to open his van door and he started yelling at me. Apparently the door was broken which I did not know and he lost his mind. Obviously did not ride with him but thought you should know. Tyler Mayoras

Dirty taxicab

Cab # 6326 is very dirty and the driver is rude. The cab made me feel sick. you will lose many customers if this is the standard.

Have a blessed day
Salman Ali

Review While walking down Touhy today I watched as the driver in taxi #5388 dumped all of his garbage from his meal out of his window and on to the grass beside his car. Not only is this illegal, but incredibly offensive. Many of my friends and I use taxi services; I also work at a bar that suggests service to our patrons. I'll be sure everyone knows not to use this company. Nicole Dalton RIDICULOUS SERVICE CAB 1501 - wanted to take me back to the airport because he claims he wouldn't make money taking me to WHERE I LIVE in Oak Park. Absolutely ridiculous. Said it was better for him and me, not okay and I am completely disgusted. I'm home from a long work trip and shouldn't have to worry about someone I'm paying to drive me home. Skyler Wright Cab #2896 drives like a complete lunatic. Weaning in and out of traffic on the Kennedy. He just cut us off at 6:40pm. Just thought you should know hire your driver's are driving Sarah Mahoney Red light complaint Cab #501 ran read light headed south on LaSalle, at Monroe, on December 15, 2015 at 10:10. William J. Barrett TERRIBLE SERVICE the cab driver was extremely rude and risked my life making illegal and crazy turns on the road because he cannot follow a GPS. I lost my key in the car and there is no way to get it back. I called the company but the lost and found system is screwed up and pretty much non-existent. The company does not require the drivers to report lost items so the chance of getting something back is very low. This is why uber is much better. I've never had a rude uber driver and if you lose something in the car you can directly call your driver and get the item back. Uber is also priced wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than a typical cab. Abby Watson
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